PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework based on an open source project (Apache Cordova). Using PhoneGap developers can write apps a single time in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and deploy it across different mobile devices without losing the features of a native app. PhoneGap is the cloud-based developer tool built on top of the framework, which offers cloud-based mobile app development without the need for SDKs, compilers and hardware. Because of PhoneGap’s open web standards developers with existing web skills, frameworks and tools can easily grasp the tool’s functionality. It also offers cross-platform development with the freedom for customised development. Because it is a cloud-based service, all apps will be built with the most current SDK for the targeted platforms. PhoneGap Build supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and webOS with a single codebase. Here are the few advantages of it like the Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) are at the core of PhoneGap. Hence, developers can make use of their existing skills, Code reusability across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS enables developers and businesses to reduce the Time-to-Market, It possesses a plugin-able architecture that helps developers create featured apps with the utilization of device’s capabilities through APIs, It supports in-app purchases across the App Store for iOS, the Google Play Store for Android, and more.