Framework7 Development

Framework7 - is an open source mobile HTML framework to develop cross mobile apps or web apps with iOS native look and feel which allows to create mobile user interfaces with native-like look & feel. It offers a variety of components, ranging from simple buttons, media lists, accordions, smart selects, modals, and popups to FAB's (floating action buttons). Additionally, the framework provides functions to use infinite scrolling, pre load animations, pull to refresh, autocomplete for searches and image lazy loading. Framework7 allows simple transitions when changing views and supports the native swipe gestures in iOS. The Android Material Design Theme is also supported The main benefit of Framework7's cross platform approach is that there is no need to develop different apps for iOS or Android. Framework7 recognizes which device the user is using and loads the according CSS to fit the native look. Framework 7 is one of the feature rich and finest frameworks for iOS hybrid application development. It is regarded as an open and free source mobile HTML framework used for the development of cross platform mobile apps or web apps coated with the look and feel of native layering. Its main approach is to give you the chance to create Android and iOS apps with CSS, JavaScript and HTML easily and clear. It is full of freedom. It doesn’t limit your imagination or offer ways of any solutions somehow.