Hybrid Mobile App Development

Give your business a competitive edge with our top-notch cross-platform mobile / Hybrid application development services. Our experienced app developers intuitively develop your mobile app that meets all the industry standards while running successfully across every mobile device irrespective of display size and platform.

ClickGoweb is offering end to end hybrid application development solutions to its global clientele. We have the competence to combine the potential of HTML5 development with the advanced mobile frameworks like Sencha, PhoneGap and more to build the apps that look like native ones on all the major platforms, including Android, Windows mobile, iOS & others.

You can avail the latest trends in the mobile technology through our time-tested methodology in multi-platform app development. Our experienced and dedicated developers understand the value of your customized business app and bring forth the most useful solutions while facilitating key business processes. Get the best-in-class mobile application that can seamlessly work across multiple platforms through a renowned mobile app development company, ClickGoWeb.

You can get a highly secured application for facilitating your complex business operations while attracting and retaining existing customers that basically ensure high security. You can reach a massive audience through an enterprise-grade, custom application that can run on multiple platforms and devices seamlessly. Our expertise team of developers use to develop different Cross Mobile App on different Frameworks Like Ionic, PhoneGap, Framework7,Mobile Angular UI, Sencha Touch.




Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework is a mobile app development framework using HTML5 and AngularJS, which allows developing Hybrid mobile apps. At ClickGoWeb,, ionic framework development is carried out by our highly competent developers, who have mastered in the technologies like HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, AngularJS that are used in developing mobile apps using this framework. Our skilled developers have hands on experience with several projects of Ionic framework development. Ionic is a preferred choice because HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS would run on mobile for the years to come. For this purpose, we believe in going an extra mile for the development of hybrid apps, instead of merely mobile websites. Satisfying our clients is the basis of our success. You must believe in our competences and abilities, and we assure you in return, that you won’t find a room for disappointment. Few are the advantages of Ionic Framework like It is entirely an open source framework, Presence of numerous pre-generated app setups, helps in beginning quickly with a simple layout app, Ionic framework provides in-built integration with Phonegap and Cordova to compile code to mobile apps, Ionic Framework is platform independent (iOS, android), making the development of apps feasible on iOS & Android with a single codebase, Ionic framework is based on AngularJS, code produced is very efficient on mobile devices. Multiple device resolution issues can be conveniently resolved using Ionic Framework.


PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework based on an open source project (Apache Cordova). Using PhoneGap developers can write apps a single time in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and deploy it across different mobile devices without losing the features of a native app. PhoneGap is the cloud-based developer tool built on top of the framework, which offers cloud-based mobile app development without the need for SDKs, compilers and hardware.

Because of PhoneGap’s open web standards developers with existing web skills, frameworks and tools can easily grasp the tool’s functionality. It also offers cross-platform development with the freedom for customised development. Because it is a cloud-based service, all apps will be built with the most current SDK for the targeted platforms. PhoneGap Build supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and webOS with a single codebase. Here are the few advantages of it like the Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) are at the core of PhoneGap. Hence, developers can make use of their existing skills, Code reusability across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS enables developers and businesses to reduce the Time-to-Market, It possesses a plugin-able architecture that helps developers create featured apps with the utilization of device’s capabilities through APIs, It supports in-app purchases across the App Store for iOS, the Google Play Store for Android, and more.



Framework7 - is an open source mobile HTML framework to develop cross mobile apps or web apps with iOS native look and feel which allows to create mobile user interfaces with native-like look & feel. It offers a variety of components, ranging from simple buttons, media lists, accordions, smart selects, modals, and popups to FAB's (floating action buttons).

Additionally, the framework provides functions to use infinite scrolling, pre load animations, pull to refresh, autocomplete for searches and image lazy loading. Framework7 allows simple transitions when changing views and supports the native swipe gestures in iOS. The Android Material Design Theme is also supported.

The main benefit of Framework7's cross platform approach is that there is no need to develop different apps for iOS or Android. Framework7 recognizes which device the user is using and loads the according CSS to fit the native look.

Framework 7 is one of the feature rich and finest frameworks for iOS hybrid application development. It is regarded as an open and free source mobile HTML framework used for the development of cross platform mobile apps or web apps coated with the look and feel of native layering. Its main approach is to give you the chance to create Android and iOS apps with CSS, JavaScript and HTML easily and clear. It is full of freedom. It doesn’t limit your imagination or offer ways of any solutions somehow.

Mobile Angular UI

Another popular front-end framework that is trusted by companies and developers around the globe is Mobile Angular UI. It is easy to comprehend and developers with basic knowledge can easily grasp the things required for smooth working. Using this framework, it becomes easy to move web apps to mobile as the responsive character prevails throughout the transformation. It is Bootstrap optimized support to popular libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js. Development companies use this framework to produce high-quality, feature-rich mobile applications powered by HTML5. It is optimized for AngularJS and Bootstrap and proffers an extensive support to powerful libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js. The framework offers essential mobile components, such as sidebars, overlays, switches, scrollable areas and more. With Mobile Angular UI, you can design a responsive, mobile user-interface which can easily transform desktop web applications to mobile-friendly applications.This framework allows developers to create stunning mobile user-interface and convert desktop web applications to mobile apps


Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a leading cross-platform mobile web app framework that can be used to build efficient applications making use of hardware acceleration techniques. On Sencha, top quality apps can be built with well-tested, tightly-integrated UI components and libraries. It’s even capable of building large business applications and maintaining them with ease. Sencha offers a variety of tools for cross platform app development such as Sencha Architect, Sencha Animator, and more. Its main product for enterprise users is Ext JS 5, which lets developers create HTML5 apps, which can then be converted into native apps with PhoneGap. Her are the few advantages of the Sencha Touch and they are It offers built-in native-looking themes for every major platform, It supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and more, It packs in an agnostic backend data package for working with data sources, It supports PhoneGap for native API access and packaging